Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to Copy Text From a Protected Web Sites & Web Pages

How to Copy Text From a Protected Web Sites & Web Pages

     Sometimes websites have a security feature in place that protects the text of the website to prevent users from stealing site content. But websites aren't around forever and sometimes users may want to download the site content as referenced material for future use, in case the site goes down. The text may also be needed if the material in question is being used as a direct quote and is properly cited and sourced. The method to copy protected text described here has the highest rate of success, but there are other ways to copy content from protected web pages. There are Two Methods given below

Method 1:

To overcome this restriction, follow below steps:

  1. Go to the website which restricts you from selecting and copying.
  2. Copy below javascript and paste it at the address bar and hit enter key.

3) Now you can select and copy the text from this website using conventional way – highlight the text followed by CTRL C to copy, then paste it into notepad or word document.

Method 2:

Using Firefox : 

1. Like Opera, Firefox allows you to configure JavaScript on any web. If you want to turn if off, just hit the Tools menu on the top bar and click Option.

2. Accessing Content panel, here you can easily control JavaScript by enable it (check it in the box) or disable it (uncheck the box option). Hit the OK button to finish.

If you type about:config in your URL bar

and search for 'javascript' there is an entry javascript.enabled which you can set to false or true by toggle.

Using Chrome :

     Go the website and press Ctrl + Shift + J you can get a console tab

     In the right corner you see setting icon click it

     And Check Disable Java Script.

     Hope this simple trick will able to help you overcome some situation whereby you need to copy the content for personal reference and please use this trick wisely!

NOTE : The methods illustrated here are for educational purposes only. It is not advised to copy any copyrighted material in any webpage for commercial purposes. The methods illustrated are STRICTLY for non - commercial, personal use only. 


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  4. Thanks for the great tips! It really works!
    By the way, if these options do not work or are too complicated for you, do not despair. If you use Google Chrome or any browser based on it (there are a lot of them, search the Internet), you can use one more method to copy uncopyable text. In the upper right corner, select "print" from the drop-down menu. In the print menu, click "Save as PDF". It can immediately appear in the proposed path, or it will have to be found at the bottom of the list.
    You can easily copy the text you need from PDF document.